Two friends from church are getting married at the end of March and today was the Hen Party.  All I knew was that it would be an afternoon of crafts - making buttonholes and table decorations followed by Afternoon Tea.

When Lillieth and I arrived, there were lots of flowers and foliage provided so we were shown how to put a buttonhole together and either wire or tape it.  I decided to tape all mine as the wiring looked far too fiddly, then I wound twine round the stems, to make them look rustic, so they are the subject of my Blip for today.  Once everyone had finished, they were all put together on a table and looked wonderful.  I don't think many of us had done anything like it before, and we all agreed that they looked quite professional.

We enjoyed an M & S Afternoon Tea, followed by a quiz about the bride and groom - so we learned a lot about them that we didn't know - I never knew they were both bike fanatics!  It was all great fun with lots of laughter and Prosecco - just a shame that I had taken the car!  Now we look forward to the wedding and I know how to make a buttonhole for us both.

I must admit I do feel rather tired, after a very busy day yesterday and quite a late night last night - I stayed up until 12.59 so that I could ring our younger son in Vietnam, as it is his birthday today and we have a tradition of ringing to say "Happy Birthday" at the time he was born! Unfortunately, his phone was not taking calls but I tried. 

This seems an appropriate quote for two people who enjoy cycling:

"Marriage is a wonderful invention;
     but then again so is the
          bicycle repair kit!"
Billy Connolly

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