A day in the life

By Shelling


There are a few conflicting symbols in todays blip. 
- Trees; a symbol of life in many cultures, of wisdom in others
- Clouds; could be dark and foreboding storms and disasters or, these high light clouds against a clear blue sky could mean something different.
- Fences and a walls; used for separating one from the other, keeping people or animals on one side of the barrier, for protection, for dividing good from bad or, for creating a sense of safety or stability.
Cameras; for identification, supervision, control or for taking blips, selfies and holiday pictures.
Gates; if locked for keeping someone or something who doesn't have a key in or out, if open for marking the entrance into another area or dimension.
Barbed wire;  means I'm seriously trying to prevent something from crossing.

I'm sure you can fill in many more views on symbols in this blip, especially if you know it's one of the entrances to the city prison for serious criminals. 

Yesterdays friendly water tower and todays prison is facing each other on each side of the dividing canal. The prisoners at least have a nice view.
Please do comment on your feelings when you see the blip -or not.

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