One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Photobomb Josie

Josephine just cannot help herself. 
She is a compulsive photobomber. The second she sees someone lifting a camera to their eye or raise their smartphone to capture one of the many vistas that Dun Laoghaire has to offer, she just cannot help herself and dashes across the road in order to be in the shot. 
As the big grin across her face testifies, she is one merry practical joker, our Josie... 

Nana is here for Mimi's birthfestival. Or rather birthday this year. There was a Mellow Yellow group shot, and I may have gone for a quick swim at the somewhat calmer 40 Foot and then we all repaired to Kyoto for a copious and tasty lunch. 
Mrs Raheny still calls the place Koyoto. It's a lost cause. Oh and then Nana, Finn and I then darted it into town to catch the Brian Eno installation in the RHA. A wonderfully mellow experience. Mellow Yellow. Mellow Eno.  

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