One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Just the one teen in the house

(and it's Luca, so it doesn't really count)
but we are hanging in there by a thread. By the skin of our teeth. 

Mimi is twelve (12). 

And one could tell that it is a pivotal stage in a Mimi's life. The unknown of what lies ahead. Secondary school. Puberty. Dealing with hormonal teens. Being a hormonal teen. It's all kind of scary. 

The known quantity is what is gradually being left behind. Early childhood. Uncomplicated friendships. Tons of books to devour. Playing and laughing and generally being carefree. 

You'll be grand Mimi. I'm not saying that it is always going to be a walk in the park. But you are wise beyond your years. And perceptive. And oh so intelligent. 
Keep a level head and plough on. There is so much to learn, and discover, and experience. You have outgrown the primary school format and the next phase will be more stimulating. I hope. More challenging. I hope. More rewarding too. I hope. 

I love how much you've learned in just two months of piano lessons. How intuitive, and dedicated, and coordinated, and plain gifted you are for the instrument. You will derive great satisfaction from it. 

And with Finn on drums, Leo on guitar and Luca on vocals, the sky is the limit. Ahem... 
Unless you opt for a solo career. 
Yep, a solo career could be an avenue worth exploring. 

Enjoy being twelve. Enjoy that last little bit of childhood. Even if it seems babyish at times. Because it is uncomplicated. And the lack of complication is something that we all try to recapture for the rest of our lives. Usually with very little success. 
Unless one is called Luca that is. 

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