By Bradders


I woke up today thinking I need to find some work, soon doesn't matter if it's not geology work because the geology work will come.

While I was applying to geology jobs on my tablet in the morning they announced over the tannoy that they had 1 hour work, so I rushed downstairs and was first to reception.

The work was moving a bed. I caught the bus to the person's house they explained that they had an automatic license, their friend owned a pick-up but had lost his license. So we drove to her friends and I was to drive the manual pick-up to hers, load the bed, take it to the buyers and drive back to her friends. The bed was a real heavy thing, one of those electronic beds for handicapped people.

The car though was unlike anything I've driven it had no rearview or left sideview mirrors, the handbreak didn't work (and I broke the handle too), the seat was so far forward my knees were by my wrists, you couldn't go into 1st unless you were already stopped and the biting point was about 30cm up with the clutch pedal. No Biggie.

It was such a bizarre situation but normal for the two I was helping. For 60 min work I got $35, not bad. First time I made money, and first time I drove in Australia and it was certainly memorable.

After that I spent more time looking at jobs and chilled out.

My back doesn't hurt much after yesterday, infact it's relatively normal. Good news (waiting for the photo for yesterday's post, it'll be up soon).

Hostel yoga was 4pm today so I joined in that, the photo today is the park we do yoga in. Then Fillipe offered to cook lasagne which I gladly accepted, I'll cook us both a pasta bake tomorrow!

Took another sunset walk, these are becoming regular occurrences for me.

Not a bad day at all. Tomorrow I need to do some online first aid course in preparation for the hands on first aid course on Tuesday. Wednesday might be surfing, or maybe I'll do my 4WD course then.
Some day this week I might get more driving for the guy I helped today.

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