I want to Live, In a world Where I belong

Today, himself caught me looking at the sky. 

"what's up" he said. 

"Not a thing", said I. 

And there wasn't.   The sky was blue, and lightly hazy.  Music was playing in the back ground.  I was planting, he was fixing.  We had coffee. 

There wasn't a thing wrong in life.    the kids are happy - opposite sides of the world...  We are happy.   We have a nice house, we have our allotment, we have work that we can complain about.   

And it was a lovely, lovely moment. 

Today, I dug some snowdrops up on the paths at the allotment - they were going to be mowered over in a couple of weeks, So I asked permission and i dug them up - and then when we came home, I split them, and planted them, and dug up the ones I have and split them too. 

I am hoping that next year, I have a beautiful spread of snowdrops - I'm pretty sure I will have. 

I also painted my Box, and checked out some of the plants in it. I wish, I wish I kept a tighter list of what I plant. 

I painted the back of Cosmo Cottage, and by the time i had finished there, I  had to shower and get some of the paint off me.  Himself was fixing stuff and painting too.   And then he sat, and just enjoyed the peace and tranquility that is home. 

And then we sat here, until after five with the back door open. 

Glorious.  February !!!

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