By dogwithnobrain

We can light the perfect match..

I was last out of the office tonight. 

I have written to the ground keepers three times now with respect of the lighting.    Some of us, the early risers, are in early enough to get a parking space at the front of the building. 

Those who come in on time... have to grab what's left, or park round the back.  Let me describe "the back" 30 minutes after sunset.   You drive to the end of the building..... the lights from the last office guide your way... you pull out on to the road, and turn and look to the right... and you are looking in to the abyss of hell.  There is nothing.  A burning spear could come at you out of the dark and you wouldn't see it until it smacked you side on. 

You blink - and you still can't see.  You turn left, and glance once more to the right, and it's like opening your eyes in a sealed metal tank with no light ingress. 


The front .... should have Promenade Lights - shining down all along the walk way. and four street lamps  one outside each office. 

Tonight, as I left. One street light at the far end of the car park.     I went back in and left a small light on inside, so that I could see my way to lock the door.  (and took pictures of the black nothingness which surrounded me)

I could feel the dark wrapping its arms around me as I struggled to lock the doors.  I could hear "footsteps" approaching through the dark.  I nearly wee'd myself trying to get my key out. 

And then I ran to the car and text my boss, "i'm leaving now, see ya soon".  To which he replied "Eh?"  So I sent my text again to the right man and set off. 

And once I got home, I emailed that guy again and said "This is the light I had to lock the door, alarm the office and get to my car". 

Waaaaa leaving at the same time as everyone nelse tomoorw. 

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