By dogwithnobrain

I used to be.. Your Best Time Buddy

Remember when you were at school, and you had a buddy.   

You did everything together.  

You walked to school, you walked home from school.  

Your parents drove around the streets looking for you because it took over 1 hour to walk the 1/2 mile from school, because you were sitting on a bench planning your lives ahead of you..

You had special names for each other, that no one else was allowed to use.  You went on adventures together.  

You were both going to grow up and get married to best friends, and live on the same street, and your kids were going to be best buds, or even better, marry each other and then you really would be related, which honestly, was all you wanted at that age. 

You went through primary school, you went through, secondary.  You spent 1 year not speaking to each other and making your gang hate her too - as she made her gang hate you.   

Then when you started talking again - it was as though you had never been apart..  And both of you hated everyone else for trying to kick it off between you. 

You left school and started working together.  You went to pubs and clubs, and met boys, and double dated (the wrong dates) 

And always, always, there was that dream, that you'd both each have a house in the same street, and your kids would be friends. 

Life doesn't always play out the way you expect.  

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