Diamonds are forever

The week started with me proposing to my wonderful Claire and today we went shopping in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

Working in the trade (a diamond estimator and jewellery workshop manager) Claire knew what she was talking about when discussing rings with the salesmen and woman.

I must say I learnt a hell of a lot about diamonds and how they are graded and the going price for specific sizes, colour grade and structural inclusions.

I'm so glade I made the decision for Claire to decide on what she wanted as I wouldn't have known what style to go for let alone whether I would be getting ripped off or not. A sales assistant can knock off what they like percentage wise, but how over inflated are the prices to start with? That's when having an expert with you helps.

Claire and I came away from the day very happy, we have to wait a week or two to pick up the diamond we chose to have set in a specific ring and claw. It's not the ring in the picture but I'm sure you'll get to see it soon enough.

Mr Bo Hingles

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