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By BoHingles

Feeling Meh....

Yesterday evening was great catching up with Laura and Brian but later on I started to feel really ill. I'm not sure what it was but I went to bed feeling incredibly sick, shivering and with a headache starting. I woke up feeling like I'd done many rounds with Tyson Fury, I was aching so much.

Needless to say I wasn't up for much today so had a lazy one. The weather started off grim but later on picked up with the sun making an appearance early afternoon, It was then I wanted to really feel better so I could get out on my bike but I just felt too weak.

I put these house shelves up in Orla's room yesterday, so I'm afraid that's all you are getting in photography terms today.

Early night and hope tomorrow is less sickly.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend.

Mr Bo Hingles

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