By mindful_life

Visit to the Children Hospital

Today I had a planned visit to Bristol Children's hospital with my son to see a consultant cardiologist.  My son had an unexplained episode where he had blue lips, on and off and our GP recommended a follow up to check if there is anything underlying it.  Thankfully, his ECG and heart scan were all normal so it remains unexplained but have had the all clear to continue with his swimming and football as usual. 

After the trip, the two of us found a lovely cafe and enjoyed some lunch - he had spaghetti meatballs, and I had a broccoli soup and then we walked along a row of shops and I couldn't resist this one.  This was the shop I bought my first ever cello from and so I rang the bell and we went inside.  The shop keeper was the same man I met many years ago and he let me try a few different cellos (I am looking to buy one). One was a 19th Century German antique that they refurbished, and I tried a couple of more modern ones.  I loved two of them and he wrote the details down for me so I can go back when I am in a position to buy. 

We also had the opportunity to see some of the cellos they were working on which my son found very interesting!! 

All in all, a lovely day! 

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