Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The Sleeping Lady

This exquisite little figure - no more than 6” long - dates from c3,000 BC and is a stunning example of Maltese Neolithic art. She has a glass case all to herself in the Archeological Museum in Valletta, where our sightseeing day took us because the cruise round the various harbours was cancelled in the aftermath of yesterday’s storm.

I don’t think we realised till today that said storm storm was the worst since records began, with winds of over 60mph causing widespread damage to trees and buildings. We drove past St Paul’s Bay, where the waves I posted yesterday had destroyed fish cages as well as bits of the promenade and locals were plunging about in the still vigorous surf catching the hundreds of liberated fish. Gangs of council workers were clearing away branches and foliage from roads and pavements.

So we had a much gentler day in Valletta. It’s embarrassing, however, to witness the rampant Britishness that seems to be a feature of much we saw near the harbour.

Tomorrow we walk again. It’s high time - today’s eating won’t do without more exercise!

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