Pictorial blethers

By blethers

O'er crag and torrent ...

I think we sing that hymn tomorrow night at the Ash Wednesday liturgy - Lead kindly light  - and that's the line that seemed appropriate for this scene, even though I wasn't crossing any crags and had bridges for the torrent in question. It looks rather more dramatic than the walk I was on when I took this - we had eaten a bit of Christmas cake (I know ...) with our morning coffee and felt driven to walk it off despite the sleet showers that won the day over the earlier sunny spells. This is a wonderful weir on the River Eachaig, and the bridge a little further on is a very slippy, rusty iron one beside a ford that presumably served the farms around this low-lying area in the past.

Good choir practice this evening - only two down (out of ten) for a change. My enjoyment was enhanced by the improvement in my voice - I've got back to doing some exercises for 15 minutes a day, and even a few days seem to have strengthened it and ironed out  a few glitches. The talk was all of the spread of the Cover-19 virus and the holidays that five of us have planned for the middle of March. I think we're all of the opinion that if we're not told our trips are cancelled we'd rather be off instead of sitting at home in the cold and rain fretting about what might happen.

But we'll see.

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