By Bradders

First Aid

Woke up early and scoffed down breakfast while making lunch and rushed to the train.
Jérôme (pictured) also from the hostel was joining me on this course. We took two trains and a bus to get to the swimming centre where our training was hosted.

From 0830 until 1530 we proceed to do a thorough run through of all the practical scenarios we would reasonably find in Australia. If anyone can guess what has afflicted Jérôme then you win a small amount of internet acknowledgment from those that read comments on my blog. Bonus if you can tell me why he is probably going to (imaginary) die from his (imaginary) affliction.

It was a super comprehensive course, by far the best/most informative that I have done (I'm always disappointed by first aid courses, until now!).

We fought a lift back from one of the other trainees. I felt so productive so I signed up to a 4WD course tomorrow, started enquiries for IRATA courses and redesigned my CV with new information again.

In the evening I completed a thoroughly thoroughly frustrating and annoying e-learning course for the 4WD course tomorrow. The damn thing wouldn't save and I had to sit through 90 minutes of talking 2.5 times...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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