By Bradders


50 days since leaving home! And here I am on a 4WD course in the Australian bush.

0630 wake up today to get two trains and a bus across Perth to the 4WD course; a really fun course to do, I had no idea most of the stuff I learnt there about differentials, torque distribution and traction systems. We drove over to the bush to practice pedal free hill recovery, cross loading suspension, towing, rescue and off-road driving techniques.

It was up to 39 today, the full day in the sun was draining, but something I need to get used to for further work.

I met a bunch of cool people and a kiwi named Chance gave me a bunch of companies to look up and dropped me off at the station, such a nice guy!

When back I sorted out my CVs and updated companies, sending a whole bunch of emails.

I think tonight calls for a $10 meal out and movie night!

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