Bet you can't guess....

...what it's doing here today.    :)))
I started baking cookies this morning, as I need a desert to take along for the meal program I'll serve dinner at tonight, and of course it started to snow at the same time. I'd tried once before to photograph snowflakes but it didn't go very well so I was hoping I'd get another chance. Needing to get the cookies done but not knowing how long the snow would last, I multi-tasked. I stuck the cookie dough in the oven, ran outside to "catch" some snowflakes, took some shots, ran back inside to take the cookies out, and repeated. It was good I did it that way, as the flurries didn't last very long. In all, I took 147 pictures and only had 5 that I liked.....not a very good percentage, but it's a lot of trial and error. I cropped this, but did nothing else to it.  Thanks to Wendy for hosting TinyTuesdays this month!   :))

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