By Viewpoint

Millmoor Walk

Meeting anyone in Millmoor is very rare though Geoff and his friend are the most likely people I’ll meet at around 9am in the morning.  This morning he was walking a friends dog and he stopped to chat for five minutes before they walked on.  He’s lived in the area a long time so is a good source of information about the wood and its history.

I’d had a doctors appointment and I was in and out in five minutes.  It was such a beautiful morning that I thought I’d have a walk in the wood with my camera.

A busy day - we went to collect logs from the log man in Brirdwell and then went on to Cannon Hall where I knew Dennis would be there as I wanted to chat about lenses and photographing birds (he’s also just bought a Sony A7 iii).  Then back home to see Emma who works wonders with feet.  It looks like I’ve got a Verucca after all as it’s back under my foot despite the efforts of the chiropodist  in penistone a couple of months ago.  I’ve got new and different advice from Emma today.

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