By spannarama


Worked from home today - with some very amusing company from little Nutjob, our resident goldcrest.  She jumps up and down on the windowsill - catching little insects, I think.  She looks properly bonkers!  

I was about to crop this in closer, then realised that, somehow, she seems to have cast a shadow on the window, bottom left - you can make out her little feet really clearly in the corner.  Weird huh?

Had a good catch-up on WhatsApp with my friend Tic before starting work this morning - she'd found a funny (drunken) diary entry from when we travelled round America many years ago.  Fun reminiscences.

Went for a quick bike ride at lunchtime - over to the park and back.  Beautiful sunny day again - I'm torn between loving it and thinking the planet is doomed.  It shouldn't be 18 degrees in February!

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