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By Sallymair

Day 26 Goodbye, see you next year

Another couple of collages today, my final visit to school and a lovely send off. The lady by the notice board is Stella, the warden of the residential hostel and teacher of one of the classes. She's is one of the kindest, smiliest people I know (in spite of the picture). She has been in charge of the domestic side for at least my last four visits and nothing is too much trouble - she even lends me her bed for a post prandial nap!
The man with the mic is the correspondent, I suppose a sort of business manager, chair of the board type person. Not an education background but an honoury administrative role. He and the current principal are working together really well and the school is really improving in lots of ways. the central shot is baby Joy as she seemed popular the other day. She's responding to some light balls which I bought. Like most 4 month old babies she doesn't think much of 'tummy-time' so the flashing lights distract her nicely and encourage her to lift her head.
The notice is on a wall just by the school. Seems a good mantra really.
I'm back in the hotel in Kovalam tonight, it took about 3 hours to drive across and I leapt straight into the pool when I got here, lovely.
There's a second collage in the extras of the journey:
a lorry load of bananas and a very elegant girl on a scooter unusually for here, she's wearing a helmet.
another lorry load of sacks of rice. Note the men on top and the scooter on the left which is coming towards us - which means it's travelling the wrong way on the inside lane of a dual carriageway.
A bus, open windows to allow the hot air to blow out and hopefully create a bit of a breeze. You don't want to get in the way of one of these as it powers down the road tooting its horn and getting from a-b as fast as possible so he can pick up more passengers than the bus just behind.
A mountain shot. The mountains here are extraordinary, springing from nothing by the side of the road. Spectacular scenery.
The Ganesha is the most cheery and laidback I've ever seen, he's in the Lonely Planet restaurant where I had some poppadom and masala tea.
Only 4500 steps today. Back on to my new weekly target tomorrow. I've also submitted my Race at Your Pace walking total for February, 78 miles which I'm pretty pleased with, I didn't expect to do nearly as much in February and I've been away all month.
Thank you for the stars and for taking the time to comment on my Tirunelveli images yesterday. Much appreciated.

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