By norfolkdoc

Egg rock

Today we decided to have a leisurely day around Cradock. 

We visited the Olive Schreiner House and Museum.  In a hall behind was a summary of important moments in African history as they impacted on Cradock - a reminder of some of the worst moments in Colonialism and Apartheid.   

We then drove around the ouside of the church, and I took some photos (see extras) - apparently it is modelled on St Martin in the Fields.   

We then decided to drive out to see The Egg.  The information on the internet was out of date and misleading -  saying that it was a relatively easy drive.  First we missed the turn off, because they've built a new road since the info was posted.  And the drive would probably be fairly easy in a 4x4, but certainly wasn't in our hire car.  W managed to get us most of the way there, but when we reached the section in extras, we abandoned the car and walked the last kilometres or so.  I couldn't resist photos of this lurid grasshopper (which is in fact a nymph, the fully grown one would have wings).

On our return trip down the track, we spotted a ground squirrel, and some spoonbills on a pond. 

After this rather gruelling drive, we stopped in a delightful little restaurant in Cradock, and had a mid afternoon meal.  We'll top up on food shortly, cheese, bread and a salad.

Edit - I've combined the extras into a collage

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