By fitzbilly

Clickety Click

It's my birthday today. I'm not saying how old I am, but the blip title may give a clue.

I've had great day so far. Cocktails and lunch at Gloucester Quays followed by a walk at Haresfield Beacon. It was like a summer's day, apart from the lack of leaves on the trees and no ice cream van in the car park.

When I took this photo I thought the figures would be nicely silhouetted against the sky, but on processing it to remove the haze there seems to be more land than sky.

There was a hot air balloon in the distance at one point and I was hoping it would get close enough for a blip but after waiting half an hour it seemed just as far away. They do move rather slowly.

There was some drama as we got ready to leave the car park as a rider fell off his horse and was dragged along a bit before his companion managed to control the horse. He seemed very shaken but refused advice to call an ambulance and eventually got back on and rode off into the sunset.

May watch a film tonight to finish off a great day.

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