Oi, I'm Here

You probably know the syndrome. You go out to a country park for a walk with the dog but need to use the facilities first. No hooks for hooking up the dog lead.

This happened to Basil this afternoon when we went to Bradgate Park. I just let the lead go, and now, here is Basil wondering if I'm going to go, or stay. We went.

Wonderful weather for our walk to the Deer Barn Tea Room, where we enjoyed tea and cake, and back. Fallow deer, red deer and a slight haze. The ground is looking dry and the River Lin is low. We seriously need some substantial rainfall.

I managed to hand in the ECG equipment satisfactorily before we headed for the park.

Even earlier, Len and I had been to see the consultant at the Memory Clinic in Loughborough. She confirmed that his clinical diagnosis is of Mild Cognitive Impairment, with the emphasis on mild, albeit with Alzheimer's biomarkers. Clinically, he does not have Alzheimer's. This means he no longer has to take the medication, at least for the time being. Can't tell you how refreshing it was to talk to a medical person with a clear understanding  and perspective, able to deliver the facts in a comprehensible way.  Much relieved.

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