Everyday Life

By Julez

The Pub

Last night I only got a couple of hours sleep. I was aware of needing to be alert for making sure Zeph was awake in time to get up and go to work. Today, like most days, he was awake and up in good time but there are times Brian has to knock on his door to wake him when he gets up for work. 

Brian wasn't at work today as he has Man-Flu a Really Bad Cold, so it was hardly fair to expect him to set his alarm just to check that Zeph was up on time! So I didn't sleep properly as I was concerned I would sleep through my alarm, and also because Brian was snoring VERY LOUDLY most of the night! Again, hardly fair to dig him in the ribs how I normally would!

I tried to sleep downstairs, but the sofa wasn't that comfy, and because I wasn't where Minstrel deemed that I was supposed to be he ran around the house mrrr-ing and miaowing loudly! Hence, two hours sleep - maximum!

It was back to The Parents today for the first time after my bug, and I felt like I might be getting Brian's bug also - I felt rough all day!

But I've been to work now, and I don't feel that bad - it may have just been the lack of sleep getting to me! Work was nowhere near the chaos that it was last night either! 

I took my camera to work as I was still without a Blip. This is The Birdcage pub , on the corner opposite the chippy.. Bri and I often drink in there

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