Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Olympics

It’s a pleasure to see the Olympic Mountains in their glory.  Even tho we know global warming is real and the runoff from snow will be less, and the summer will be dryer, they saw a nice amount in February.  Still very CHILLY….No one is out on Lake Union on their paddle board or any other boat!   

SO…. tomorrow H and I are off to someplace WARM!    Spent a good part of the day getting ready… it seems harder than it used to.  Why is that??   We’ve traveled a LOT.  It should be easy.  Couldn’t find my favorite travel shirt.  How to be warm here on the way to the airport?  Will the Uber really arrive?    Have to make lists so I don’t forget any last minute thing oh so early in the morning.  But the little bags are packed and ready by the front door, before dinner. (extra)   Hopefully you will see a whole other body of blue water tomorrow… :-)

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