Masquerading as a Twitcher!

This morning I took my big lens to Sculthorpe Moor for a walk and to photograph the birdies. As I arrived the volunteer at the desk was explaining to two ladies where various birds, otters etc might be seen, including Redpolls and Arctic Redpolls. She told them not to worry about finding the niger seed feeders they are frequenting as there would be plenty of twitchers with scopes and long lenses looking for the Arctic Redpolls. 

The main photo is of two Redpolls, but I've included a photo in Extras of what the twitchers told me were Arctic Redpolls (I can tell they're paler, but that's as far as my identification skills go!). I've also included a collage of some of the other birds I saw today. I patiently waited for the otter and her two cubs to appear, but no joy today. I did feel lucky to see the various Redpolls though. 

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