Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Look Lively, Mate - she's got the camera on us!

The beauty of 9 fps is that you can catch that exact moment when the subject is doing something interesting.  Yesterday, I watched a male house finch feeding his mate a seed. Today, in spite of several inches of freshly fallen snow, the males were starting to sing.  Meaning that spring can't be too far away, in spite of the state of whiteness out there.  This pair was just sitting there, not really doing anything, but I thought I might get an interesting shot of the two of them - and I did.  Happy me.

March roared in like a lion with more snow last night, so hopefully it will go out like a lamb.  We'll see.  The unexpected snow last night nixed my original plan for the day which was to lay some milkweed seeds in my large pollinator garden.  Hopefully over the weekend the snow in the garden will melt enough that I can put the seeds down since they need a cold stratification to germinate.  Temps next week headed to single digits, so the stratification won't be a problem...

I'm off to the gym now - just doing cardio since I think I did enough upper body work shoveling snow this morning.  

Happy Friday!


PS:  Four more images on Flickr starting HERE - worth a look if you have a minute.

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