Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A Tiny Bit of Gardening

I remarked to Hubs that exactly one year ago, on March 1, I had miniature iris blooming in the garden.  We both laughed as we agreed that it would be a while yet this year.  And then...

The Tinies and I went out to see what we might see...and what we saw was the very first purple bud, tucked back in near the house where it's somewhat protected.  Much excitement and all the Tinies were clamouring to be in the scene.  However, first Manfred had to get his tiny ladder out and make sure that the terrain was safe.  By the time Manfred got back to Base Camp, there were Tinies all over the garden - it was chaos.  After some coaxing and cajoling, I thought I had them all back at camp...when I realized that Clive Climber was still unaccounted for.  Eventually, I found him HERE - those of you who know him won't be surprised!

Signs of impending spring evreywhere ..even in the face of a potentially big Nor'Easter headed our way tomorrow bringing freezing rain, ice, snow and high winds.  I saw a male Mourning Dove trying to make his moves on a disinterested female this morning, while male House Finches were singing from all over the yard.  Even heard the first few tentative notes from a singing Junco.  

Thanks for the love on yesterday's pair of vultures. 


And many thanks to Hanulli for hosting TinyPeopleSunday!

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