Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Wee Wild Wednesday

And a wild day it was with thunderstorms raging this morning, temps pushing 70 and now sunshine.  I realized a short while ago that I had nothing to blip so I scampered outside to get a few shots of the iris with water drops.  On my way back inside...I spotted it...a tiny Jumping Spider!  I quickly ran inside, grabbed and extension tube, dashed back out and then tried to position myself and the camera in a spot to get his cute little face.  Probably the better photo would have been me, sprawled in the wet garden with the camera wedged against the siding of the house, trying to get an eye-level view.  Anything for a blip, right?

The image is heavily cropped as the spider is much smaller than my pinkie finger tip.  

Had a nice visit with MIL, who was in great spirits today.  Some days are better than others - today was one of the days.  I sat with her at lunch and she shared her chocolate chip cookies with me.  One of those special little memories I'll tuck away.  

Then, off to the optical shop to pick out new glasses.  They were having a special, so I ended up ordering two pairs.  Both are progressive lenses to accommodate both distance and near vision; and one pair is also transitional so that it darkens in the sun.  Turns out that my vision had deteriorated a little in my good eye, which was causing some eye-strain, so this should fix me up.  New glasses should be in within 2 weeks.  Maybe I'll post a selfie... or not.  

Hubs and I watched Trump's speech last night.  I have to say that we were both rather pleasantly surprised.  Whoever wrote the speech did a good job and for once, Trump stayed on script.  Can't say that it changes my opinion, but at least it wasn't an international embarrassment. 

Hubs leaves early tomorrow morning for Alabama where he's going to be helping his sister get some things done in the house there preparatory to selling it.  

Oh, and the bluebirds were in the garden again this morning, making sure that all is right with the nest box.  I think they check it every day just to be sure that no one else is trying to move in.  


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