Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Abstract Iris

I always get so much mileage out of my little miniature iris when they come up every spring.  Partly because it is always nice to see a pop of color in my dormant garden, partly because they are just very photogenic little flowers.  Having taken far more photos of them than I'll admit to this week, I decided to have a go at this one in Photoshop and submit it for Abstract Thursday.  I haven't "twirled" anything in ages, so had to re-learn how to do it - silly fun.  I've put the original in Extra if you'd like to see the untwirled version.  Big thanks to Ingeborg for hosting!

Hubs left bright and early this morning and when we just spoke he was nearly halfway to Huntsville.  He's not sure if he'll try to push all the way through tonight, or stop and finish the drive in the morning.  It's a long drive, just under 900 miles.  

I had a nice visit with MIL after lunch - she was in high spirits and surprisingly "present" when I was there.  Another good day.  

It's much colder today with winds gusting to 40 miles per hour, so not much fun being outside.  That said, I did have a wander through my new garden space and discovered the tips of the big Iris that I planted in the spring starting to poke their heads above the soil.  Also signs of phlox starting to sprout.  Very exciting!  

Thanks for the hearts and stars on my little jumper yesterday.  And apologies to those of you who aren't especially fond of spiders!  

Making falafel for dinner tonight, served with pita and a sweet potato/baby kale salad - yum!


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