Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I was so hoping to catch a bee would have been quite something to blip a bee on the first of March.  And, although I did see several of them buzz by in the yard, they were way too fast for me.  That said, I did take several pics of my little iris in the garden.  It was such a shock a few days ago to discover that several of them had popped their blossoms already, about 3 weeks earlier than usual!  

Anyhooooo, I didn't really like any of the shots I took so i started fartnarkling...and you know where that things like this.  I know, I know, it's not what I usually do, but what the heck, might as well walk on the wild side form time to time.  

If you want to see the original, look in Extra - you'll see why I felt the need to fiddle with it.  The edits were done in a combo of LR, PSE and Paintshop.  To me, it now looks like some sort of 60's era painting.

Another beautiful day outside so more pottering around in the garden, hike in the woods, and sorting of photos.  And we started the day with a nice long phone chat with my parents - that always gets the day off to a great start!

Thanks for all the love on my Pileated Woodpecker yesterday.  It is always such a treat when one gets close enough for me to get any sort of shot - mostly they are shy creatures who prefer to stay in the woods.  They are really magnificent creatures, rather prehistoric looking I think.

Super Tuesday here in the US ...we'll be tuning into the news tonight to see what happens.  Must say that I am quite shocked at what is happening so far in this election year.  

Ciao, people.


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