View From The Window

The frost may have lifted, but the wind got up overnight and it was still perishing outside this morning. Since my head is still thick with the cold there was no way I was going to hang around outdoors for a blip.

Although I did blip a few birds through the kitchen window, the light was not really good enough to produce any worthwhile results. Then I remembered - when the light is poor go macro!

For the past few weeks little Tommy the Coal Tit has been coming to the kitchen window for some seeds. It was really brought about by our own laziness in not wanting to be outside feeding him in adverse weather. When he was about we would open the window and hold a seed out for him. He quickly learned that there was a small bowl of seeds on the window sill inside and would sit on a feeder attached to the window looking at them. Needless to say we gave in to his pleading look and he got his seeds!

However, today was the day for the trade off. If Tommy wanted some seeds he would have to pose for a blip. So here he is clinging onto the tips of my fingers with his little claws, while my other hand is holding the wee compact a few inches away for my macro blip.

This must be about as lazy as outdoor blipping gets!

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