While on my runs

By waipushrink

New old chairs

Daughter J is keen on continuing to use things that others no longer want to use, and which appeal to her aesthetically as well as for maintaining their usefulness, at least for a while. She is also a person who avoids the use of plastic whenever possible, and other things that cannot be reused or recycled or safely disposed of.

When it came to getting some chairs to use on the deck which has just been built out from her house, cheap plastic chairs from The Warehouse were never considered. Chairs are generally expensive here. So she looked on Trade Me to see if she could get a bargain and satisfy her ethical requirements, with style.

This morning I helped her to collect the six iron chairs which she had managed to buy at a price less than one quality chair would have cost her. Much less.Yes, there is some rust in the lower legs; something which she is confident that she can deal with, and thereby gain some years of service from these chairs. 

I left before she and a friend had mantled the iron mesh top table she bought for the price of two coffees. It had had to be dismantled to allow it to lie on the roof  rack of his car as he brought it to her. The chairs and table will require significant refurbishment to regain their former splendour, and once again become new.

I have added as an extra a photo to show the flowers on our lemon tree. It is in a tub on the deck, and was in a position where rain would rarely land on it. Despite watering, it languished rather. A move has resulted in a much healthier look, and now some blossom.

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