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Silly Saturday

I have wanted to visit Heronswood for about 30 years and today I made it. This garden and old home were bought by a gardener with a love of unusual heritage and / or tough perennials that flower for long periods. It is now a tourist attraction well worth the effort of driving to it an hour and a half south of Melbourne. The business is called The Diggers Club and they have heritage and perennial plants for sale plus books and magazines which any gardener would love. I couldn’t buy much as we are going interstate and are not allowed take plant material so that saved lots of money.

It’s still awfully hot. In fact there are out of control fires not far from where we were yesterday in the Dandenong Ranges, it breaks your heart to think of those trees burning ( not to mention any homes, people or wildlife). I caught this gardener having a bit of a shower to cool off while she was watering the plants in the nursery. She made me laugh!

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