By strawhouse

Fabulous First Day

What a fabulous day we've had today. My dad has always said we'd love Kelling and he was so right!!
By 7am the Little Misses were up, dressed and desperate to get their bikes down and set off to explore. They have never had such freedom!!
First of all we said they had to stay around our field, near the van. That soon went out of the window and they were off!!
Which left us free to stay in bed drinking tea, eating toast, looking at guidebooks and planning what we're going to do for the next few days.
Waving out of the window every now and then when the Little Misses reappeared!
Eventually Mr K and I got up and headed out for a walk with them. The North Norfolk Railway goes round Kelling Heath and the park has its own halt. We had a lovely walk/ride down to the railway. The Little Misses were giddy to be scrambling down steep cliffs paths and gullies through the heath and woods. We heard the steam train whistling before we saw it chugging up the hill. Love a steam train!!!
The Little Misses zoomed on ahead to the halt and as Mr K and I lagged behind a couple passing in the opposite direction asked were those our daughters on the bikes. I was worried they were going to say they'd almost mown them down on the bikes or were currently running riot on the train tracks.
They said they wanted to compliment us on our lovely polite girls. A credit to us apparently!!
Whoop whoop!!!
We had a quick stop at the beautiful fishing pond next to the halt and then slogged our way up the hill through the woods to the assault course. It was so steep at points it took all of us to push their bikes!
The assault course was ace! Beams, tyres, chairs, tunnels, climbing frames,  monkey bars. Mummy proved you're never too old for an assault course and the rest of my family were duly impressed!!
After all that exertion we'd more than earned our yummy lunch. Enormous ham, egg and chips for the Little Misses, a delicious beef and onion sandwich for me and a burger for Mr K. 
As we were eating, Nana and Papa arrived. When she saw Papa Miss L ran across the village square and jumped into his arms. It is an image that will stay with me. She loves her Papa!!
The afternoon was a re-run of the morning. We went on the walk again with Nana and Papa so the Little Misses could show them all their discoveries (and Mummy could show them her prowess on the assault course!!)
We sat in my mum and dad's camper chatting before dinner while the Little Misses disappeared off again on their bikes. There are 300 acres to explore here and apparently they're determined to explore every square inch!!
I did have to go and hunt for them once it had got dark and was just starting to panic when I found them in the shop. 
Dinner was usual camping fare - curry and rice for Mr K, Miss L and me, hotdogs for Miss E.
Umbrella Academy on Netflix before falling asleep. What a great day!!!

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