By strawhouse

Day Two

We've had such a fabulous day today. I love it here!!
An early morning walk on the heath with my mum - Archie and Elsie were in heaven chasing all the rabbits, pheasants and deer! Then it was a walk to the wonderful station at Weybourne to get the train to Sheringham. I get a bit overwhelmed with nostalgia at these heritage railways. It's so close to stepping back in time to when everything was better!!!
My mum and dad walked down with us and saw us off on the steam train and then headed back to the campsite to pick up their camper to drive to Sheringham.
The journey was short but lovely on the train. And Sheringham station is fabulous too. Every last detail is so well done and the sun was shining which made it even better.
We headed straight to the arcade - what else would the Little Misses want to do at the seaside?!! and then to the ice cream shop. I was disappointed that the coconut and pineapple was out of stock as I quite fancied a piña ice cream!! I had to make do with rum and raisin.
When my mum and dad arrived we had a lovely half hour on the beach while the Little Misses climbed on the rocks and paddled, and Archie went loopy running in and out of the waves chasing pebbles. He does love the sea!
Then it was lunch at the Whelk Coppers Tearoom. It wasn't a great success with all our first choices not available and my mum very disappointed in her bean stew but it was a nice spot to sit out in the sun for a bit.
We had a bit of a walk along the prom but were a bit underwhelmed really. A bit too much concrete for my liking.
Miss E was getting a bit whingy - desperate to get back to the campsite and the freedom of their bikes, so I suggested that they go back with Nana and Papa in the camper while Mr K and I walked the coast path back.
We left them in the arcade and set off up and over the cliffs. It was so beautiful!! 
And such a long way back to Kelling!!!
Over ten miles walked today and I was more than ready for my bed!

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