By Flashcube


I've struggled with sickness and failed at injecting myself in my tummy so I'm going to try again tomorrow. The district nurse did it for me. Then the girls arrived and we made lots of cold pressed juice I put turmeric and chai seeds into mine and ginger. Lots of nutrition in a juice and natural anti sickness in ginger.

Then we chatted about why there was a wig on a head in the living room, so i told them I was taking a strong medicine that would make my hair fall out. We talked for ages about everything they wanted to ask about then they decided they want to help when we shave it off next week. A fabulous scarfe and wig trying on commenced. We all drank more tasty juice and they headed home to bed.

I am currently not feeling like I'm on a ferry and I'm sea band free. Woo hoo.

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