Out and About

By Puffin

Palheirão, Forest de Mira

There are record entries in this year's Portugal Orienteering Meeting:- 2600 people of all ages, from 29 countries. I went out on the Easy Short course, advertised as suitable for adults who just want a walk in the forest. This is the finish arch where all participants funnel in from their courses in the forest to punch their dibber in the box on top of the orange flag. The chip in the "dibber" records the total time as well as the time between each checkpoint. I managed 40th out of 60 on the Easy Short, struggling round on my crutches in 70 mins. The winner took 24 mins but the slowest took 112 mins . I will also admit to stopping to take photos along the way and helping one completely lost Frenchwoman who had no idea where she was.   
In the afternoon I was grateful for son R's agility to collect a particularly tricky geocache from the end of the jetty. Its rated as very difficult to  get to. The extra shows him in action. I could not have got in there. 

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