By Dakers

Czech Rabbit and Sunday.

I purchased the painted rabbit from the gift shop in the Czech Museum of Design and Decoration when we visited Prague.. A Christmas Gift for Pat.
It is cut from 20mm thick wood and painted. I like the facial expression and way the nose almost twitches, as Rabbits do.

The extra is the Spire of St Leonard’s Parish Church where I have recently become a member. The weather was very windy and wet last night, and today brilliant blue sky abounds.

The congregation is very friendly and I am gratified for the number of people who come and ask where they have seen me before.

A few words exchanged soon uncover that they have attended a presentation I have given to a local organisation in St Andrews. Usually the subject mentioned is the Bell Rock Lighthouse, and without fail they are very complimentary about it.

Afterwards, we had lunch at home with a Chinese student who is studying at University and whom we are linked to through the University Chaplincy Centre.

Pat decided to prepare SCOTTISH cuisine consisting of Shepherds Pie and Crannachan without the oats. He liked it and took some home in a ‘doggy bag’

An enjoyable day.

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