A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer

Barrel & Squeak

Local cider makers Weston's invited local tourism businesses around for a tour.  

Fascinating.  I'd not appreciated that it was (a) still a family firm and (b) everything is on the one site; and what a site it is - from the 17th Century farmhouse where Henry Weston moved into, with huge steel cider silos in the distance.  (See extras).

The specialist ciders are still matured in oak vats - each set of vats (oak or not) having a distinct name set including football teams, and fictional characters (seven dwarfs, Santa's reindeer, ...).

In the blip are Henry's original three oak vats (on the right) and the mammoth "Squeak" vat which holds about 200 thousand litres of cider.

If ever you're in the area, going on one of their tours is highly recommended.

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