a lifetime burning

By Sheol

More trumpets

With Storm Freya blowing a hooley outside, its been a good day for staying warm and dry indoors.  The day has been filled with the usual weekend pastimes of baking and cooking, with a little guitar playing thrown in for good measure.  Now it is time to sort out the ironing for the week ahead.  

I also need to buy a new lens cap for my 14-24mm lens as the original ended up in the river in Prague and hasn't been seen again.  

It was the morning that I got up before dawn to take some shots while the streets were quiet.  As I adjusted the camera on the tripod by the side of the river I thought to myself, "I must be careful not to drop the lens cap".  In slow motion I then watched it slip from my grasp, bounce on the cobbles and arc over the rails and into the water.  

The bright side of the story is that at least I didn't drop the camera or tripod whilst trying to catch the errant cap - that really would have been stupid.  Having said this, I am sure that in some alternate reality I did exactly that and went back to the hotel for breakfast a very sad boy indeed.

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