By Veronica

Bad taste

The Día de Andalucia seems to be the signal for everything to kick off in Almuñecar. All of a sudden, shops, bars and restaurants that were closed are open, and everyone is taking advantage of the long weekend to have fun. As you can see.

It was Carnaval this weekend, so we aimed to get to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for 9:30. There were people hanging around, but nothing going on, so we were forced to spend some time in Los Pajaritos. Such a hardship.

When the entertainment arrived, it was hardly worth the wait. First we got a re-enactment of various Eurovision hits from a bunch of people in fancy dress. They had the sense to mime rather than sing. Then we had the, erm, Brazilian dancers. S insisted on leaving after their first number, and he wasn't wrong; the terribly flat singing in the second one pursued us down the road.

Sorry about continuing lack of comments -- still no computer, and it's a pain typing on the tablet!

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