By Veronica

High speed cloudscape

Wonderful views from the train (s) today. A journey which for once went without a hitch, a first for me. It was a long day though; I left home at 9 a.m. and got back to Almuñecar at 11:15 pm. Business class on the Madrid-Malaga leg again though. I like travelling by train anyway, but the comfort level makes it extra pleasant. Wine and fancy sandwiches.

This view is in the empty bit of Spain somewhere between Zaragoza and Madrid. Train travel makes you realise just how big and how empty Spain is. No, the photo isn't sharp, but it's hard taking photos from a train moving at 300 kph, when your eye filters out fleeting posts and bushes but the camera doesn't. I rescued a couple from the 20 or so, alternative in extras.

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