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International Women's Day

I've spotted this sign several times in my way into Trivandrum but I've normally been on a bus so not able to get a picture. I got the driver taking me to the airport to stop so I could grab this picture and it's actually the only picture I took today, so just as well I did. The mind boggles as to what the waitresses will be doing in their race, especially given the image. I'm also intrigued that it seems to be an international competition. Still whatever they do, I'm sure those taking part will have fun.
All my travel went well today although the second flight was almost an hour late taking off from Dubai with no explanations. I think we were most likely waiting for some late incoming transfers. We did make up a bit of time on route and were only half an hour late arriving in Glasgow.
I watched the Crimes of Grindelwald and Bohemian Rhapsody while on board, in fact I watched the former on both flights as the picture was so bad on the first monitor I had, I think it made more sense to me a second time around too. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody. I think a blipper mentioned it was good, I don't think I'd have chosen it otherwise. I started to watch "A Star is Born" but found Lady Gaga distracting so gave up very quickly.
Bags all arrived safely and I'm off to bed in the airport hotel. Home tomorrow
Only 6717 steps today which isn't really surprising.

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