Ninth week.

This week has been full of joy, happiness, friends family and also sorrow.

On Wednesday our son turned two years! <3
HBD my sweet little boy!
We celebrated him by giving him a big digger because he likes so much them. We also gave him a railroad track toy but the digger was the best!
He was really happy when he got the gift!

We also went to the child healt centre and they took his measures and they were:
Height:87.2cm :)

After that we went to take pictures of him in a photographers studio.

In the evening our son played with the new digger and we ate something good at home.

Thursday I was working and after work I had to do one thing I've been avoiding.. I breastfeeded my son last time ever.
The breastfeeding wasn't a big deal for me at first. I'd never thought about it before I got my son. But when I got him and after the horrible mastitis I had and which sent me back to hospital after been one week at home after labour, and after all the pain I had in my breast, I started to like it. It was a thing between just me and my son. It was really important to him because he didn't accept the bottle of father when I wasn't at home, he just accepted the breast and he wanted it often.
People asked me 'are you still breastfeeding him even he is this and this and this old' during the first year. I always said that the Finnish national institute of health and welfare recommends to give breastmilk till the age of one and I'm doing it atleast there if the boy wants it as long. And he wanted.
After the first year people stopped asking me. And that's good. Because everyone can do it as long as they want and feel is best for their own child.
We felt the right age to end it is at the age of two. And today was the day.

And it really was a hard day to me. Luckily I managed to control myself at work but immediately I got from work and sat to my car, I started crying. I knew I was going home and give my son milk for the last time e v e r .

What I'm going to miss the most about the breastfeeding is the look my son gives me when he's eating. The look tells me that he feels good, everything is okay, here is good to be.
And now I am wondering do I ever see that look again in any situation ever? </3

On Friday and Saturday morning he was crying because he didn't get the milk but hopefully he will get over it and doesn't get any traumas.. :D :(

Our Friends game to our home on Friday, they r staying the weekend here.

Finally on Saturday we held a birthday party for our son. I baked the cake, Ottos mom baked salty pies and my mom made cheesecakes. And also we served something other goods too.
Many friends and family members came to party. <3
Our son had waited everyone keen! Finally he saw everyone. He was so happy all day!
He got also lots of great gifts! He liked them all and played all day (and Sunday) with them! One of the gifts was a firefighters hat. He has woren it all the time after getting it. :D
We can't thank everyone enough of coming to the party and of the lovely presents! <3
Look at those tiny gloves Ottos mom knitted for my son! They have a digger on them! Wow.

P.S. There's a tiny picture of me and my son as soon as he was born and when he turned one and now when he turned two. I try to take same kind of picture next year too.. :D

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