Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Portland Hostel - Hawthorne

In the heart of the Hawthorne district is a shining star of sustainability and environmental education - as well as being a terrific spot for travelers to stay and meet up with like-minded fellow travelers. The Portland Hostel has occupied this 100+ year old house for almost 30 years. In the last decade they've transformed it into a showplace of eco progress, using rainwater collection/recycling systems, eco roofs, bioswales and living walls, plus cob construction in a charming shelter on the corner.

The hostel brings a delightful element to the neighborhood; I used to ride the bus every day and would often see young men and women from other countries on an adventure who were staying at the hostel. I could always spot them with their large backpacks and expressions of eagerness and anticipation.

Slideshow of more hostel photos. (Entry for the One Street project.)

Yes, it's that sunny and clear here today! but a little chilly.

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