By norfolkdoc

Gemsbok oryx

Back blipped on 4th March

Another moving on day.  We packed up, breakfasted, handed in our key, and were driving out of The Mountain Zebra Park by 0830.  Having finally seen the back view of a gemsbok oryx in the dark last night, I was delighted to finally see one, who even posed beautifully for me, in the daylight as we drove the 9km to the exit gate.

Then a 500km drive, through fascinating Karoo scrub, ending in Williston. We had nothing booked, but were able to find another slightly quirky place.  The elderly lady who runs it provided us with a folder of local information, much of it in Afrikaans, but which must be fascinating if one had the time to really appreciate it.  Not really self catering, but also not B&B, she sends you to the restaurant down the road for evening meal and for breakfast.  I back blipped the previous 2 days whilst eating dinner there, and now we are waiting for breakfast, sitting outside in the shade.  

We've another long drive ahead of us, but then a week in one place. 

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