Thomas drifts over Cranbrook Road Crossing

Heading the 14.25 express to Wittersham Road, Thomas rather smugly leads his train down the bank from Tenterden to Rolvenden. It was a wet and very windy day to be a crossing keeper although I was only outside for a couple of minutes before being able to retreat back to the warmth of the hut.

Used the time to practice the ukulele and try to sing a variety of songs. A great place to do this as you're on your own and well away from anyone who may be unfortunate enough to listen.

The train was topped and tailed by locomotives so that there was no runaround required at Wittersham and as a result that signalbox (where I usually work) didn't need to be opened.

Went for a run when I got home. Then we went to Doreen's for dinner. No TV to watch here as the whole house continues to be in a state of turmoil with the decorating and renovations. Another couple of weeks to go yet camping out in the bedroom.

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