By Bradders

Muggy day

It's been so hot today! It's only been about 29-32 but the humidity has been killer. The sort of day where you just lie around to be more comfortable.

I wanted to ring Australia about my TFN and driving license, but it's labour day! I also wanted to go to the beach (I think I've exhausted all the applications in Perth this weekend) but it was so hot I'd be worried about sunburn. So I stayed in and played pool.

I did a bit of food shopping and joined in with the hostel Indian takeaway order.

Going to shift all of today's plans to tomorrow.

After such an uneventful day I wanted to do something, what better way to end a muggy day than a sunset swim. This location is about 5 min walk away and it was gorgeous, though I was a little worried about sharks as there were no other swimmers on this evening or lifeguards. Almost certainly I have nothing to worry about and Filipe was on the beach watching.

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