Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Converse - #MM267

This morning I saw these two young women walking up the High St and thought they'd be perfect for today's MonoMonday (subject 'Converse') looking equally sweet but in very different ways.  And, indeed, in close conversation.  No, before you ask, the smile was not for me but for something her friend said, though she didn't close down when she saw the camera which was kind, I thought.

Thanks so much to ApolloFly for hosting.

I've turned my comments back on and must thank you so much for your patience.  In fairness, an explanation is probably well over-due.  I have an auto-immune disease.  I don't like talking about it - boring - but being mysterious is equally annoying for other people.  It's fine, well under control thanks to lovely Guys and St Thomas', but does flare up on occasions.  No harm done, just the need for a little time out.

Okay, that's me.  Hope your week's begun well and talk to you later  xx

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