By AGBPhotography

Phone boxes

So todays topic for the Mono Monday challenge is "converse", a dying art I fear, we seem to no longer converse (talk) to each other, spending too much time looking at little (and often not so little) screens. My blip for today is to demonstrate to the younger generations that 'phone boxes' aren't just what the latest mobile is packaged in. Mind you does anybody use phone boxes anymore? I pass these in Torquay town centre quite often and the only time I see anybody in them is when it is raining and the nearby bus shelter is full. I had planned to find one of the old fashioned red boxes and colour pop it but alas couldn't find one.
After grabbing this shot and another one of Fleet Street which I have colour popped I headed down by the harbourside where I spotted, for the second day running fire fighters responding to a 'fire', this time it was only one engine and the fire was in one of the roadside rubbish bins.
As I was trying to dodge the showers and hailstones I only grabbed a few shots before returning home, just in time as 5 minutes later it hammered it down. I've posted a couple of the extras as usual on my blog,  

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